Auckland : Sneaky Snacky Pop Up @ Ostro

Social media is dangerous, especially if you’re trying to watch your waistline. Scrolling through Instagram led me down a dark path and in this instance, it was in the form of a devilish glazed donut burger.

Sneaky Snacky is the latest pop up restaurant on The Deck of Ostro, serving Asian-inspired dishes including the ever popular K.F.C (Korean Fried Chicken), taro chips and the Donut Burger which captured my attention. Just how can you say no to this?

Their donut burger consists of a juicy wagyu patty, melted cheddar cheese, crispy kimchi fritter, sandwiched between a fresh warm glazed donut. I’m a huge fan of chicken and waffles so I was certain that I would enjoy this. And boy, was it top-notch!

The burger didn’t come with fries so we ordered their shoestring fries with a special coating of MSG (aka My Secret Great Recipe) and taro chips with miso dip.

And of course, being in Ostro, you can make the most of their extensive bar menu and devour your burger with a fancy cocktail or an ice-cold beer!

Sneaky Snacky is only here for a limited time. They don’t take bookings so its first come, first served. If I were you, come straight after work and enjoy this burger with a Friday after work beer!

Sneaky Snacky (Pop Up) | Deck at Ostro – 52 Tyler Street, Auckland CBD


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