Thames: Cafe Melbourne

Occupying a historic building along the stretch of shops in Thames, The Depot development in Grahamstown is a stunning multipurpose space which house several eateries and boutique shops selling local art and hand crafted artisan spices. The biggest tenant of the complex is Cafe Melbourne – one of the busiest cafes in Thames.

With the intention of eating brunch, we came around 11:30AM and was told to wait by the couch until they showed us to a table. We waited for almost 20 minutes and had felt a little forgotten, as we saw other customers coming in and taking the next available table – the seating arrangement/method was hectic and unorganised. After reminding the staff twice that we were after a table rather than takeaway coffee, we were finally shown to a table. By then, the breakfast menu was no longer available, which in a way is a blessing in disguise because I ended up ordering the best prawn pasta I had ever eaten.

Filled with juicy garlic prawns, diced zucchini, cherry tomatoes and chucks of spicy chorizo, the perfectly cooked deli pasta was perfect. Lightly coated with a tad of extra virgin olive oil and shredded parmesan cheese – this was utterly delightful and was a bargain at $19!

Despite the seating complication, it was an all-around pleasant dining experience. I’ve eaten in Thames several times and they were either unmemorable or mediocre. My dining companion and I were genuinely impressed with the quality of food and coffee from Cafe Melbourne and highly recommend you to dine here if you’re visiting Thames!

Cafe Melbourne | The Depot, 715 Pollen Street, Thames

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