Queenstown: Madam Woo

Teaming up with Malaysian-born chef Jane Leong, Madam Woo is the baby of proud parents Michelin star chef Josh Emett and business partner Fleur Caulton. Undoubtedly one of the most popular and exciting eatery in Queenstown, Madam Woo takes inspiration from traditional Malaysian hawker food and is happily nested closed to the waterfront, in Queenstown’s Mall.

Greeted with cheerful and friendly staff, we listened to their recommendations and ordered the popular hawker rolls – think of it like a Malaysian taco where instead of a tortilla, you get a buttery roti that flakes away with every bite. With several different types to choose from, I ordered the pulled sticky pork version with fresh lettuce, pickled cucumber, herbs and chilli. It was divine!

The shredded duck and cabbage salad was another one of my favourites. Combination of white lettuce, toasted peanuts and shredded duck, coated with a tangy chilli and lime dressing, this light salad was the ideal dish to balance our other mains.

My dining companion raves about her favourite dish for the night – the Sambal banana prawns with eggplant. Sadly, this was too spicy for my tastebuds. I ate one prawn and ended up having to eat mouthfuls of salad and finishing my ginger mojito.

The Nyonya chicken curry also came highly recommended. With a generous amount of tender chicken thighs covered in a creamy curry infused with curry leaves, we ate the curry with steamed jasmine rice and a flaky roti. Compared to the prawns, this had a moderate heat which I happily ate!

Despite overeating for dinner, it’s was impossible for me to refuse the mango sago dessert with coconut cream and palm sugar syrup. I love mango and sadly, all I can taste in this dessert was coconut. The sago had great texture and nicely sweetened with palm sugar syrup but the lack of fresh fragrant mango was disappointing.

Combination of exceptional food, friendly staff and a lively atmosphere, the pleasant dining experience was what I expected with the hype of this eatery. The hawker rolls on its own is enough to warrant a visit and while you’re at it, enjoy a couple of their Asia inspired cocktails!

Madam Woo | Shop 5, The Mall, Queenstown

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