Cafe Watch: The Burbs

Food: Serving a healthy all day menu, options such as homemade coconut French toast with blueberry preserve, prawn tacos, house-made granola and gluten-free bacon eggs benedict with potato hash will keep everyone satisfied and happy.

Coffee: Allpress coffee and Storm and India Tea

Price: Menu items ranges from $7 to $22.

Location and Parking: Hidden in a quiet suburb near my old high school, The Burb Eatery can be found in Farm Cove, nested amongst a dairy, chinese takeaway and an Italian restaurant. Easily missed if you’re not sure where to look. Plenty of car park and off street parking in the area.

Dining Experience: Being a local cafe, the atmosphere is cozy, relaxed and warm. The staff had to shuffle some tables and diners around so our group of eight adults and two children could fit in nicely. The service for food was on the slow side but considering the size of our group, it was expected.


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