Auckland: Geeks on Sainsbury

The Auckland cafe scene continues to amaze me as more and more chic cafes open around the different neighbourhoods. Our latest venture took us out to Sandingham where we had brunch at Geeks on Sainsbury. Coming out on a chilly Saturday, the last thing we expected was a full house at 9:30AM! We opted for the recently vacated table outside and braved the cool breeze rather than wait an extra thirty minutes for a table inside.

Plenty of nice options on the all day breakfast menu that caters for gluten-free and vegetarian diets and if you want to sink your teeth in a hearty beef burger at 10 in the morning, they are happy to serve you items from the lunch menu.

So this is what we ordered:

Granola | A healthy combination of assorted grains, nuts and fruit, This was served with greek yogurt and an optional side of milk.
Pokeno Bacon Eggs Benedict | Poached eggs, bacon, kale and hollandaise on layered agria potatoes with a beetroot puree.
Pan Fried Tofu Eggs Benedict | Tofu, mushrooms, avocado, vine tomatoes, poached eggs and homemade chutney. This was also with layered agria potatoes.
Pumpkin Soup | House made soup served with ciabatta
Banana and Granola Waffles | Served with vanilla ice cream, maple peanut butter and caramel. Served with an additional side of Pokeno bacon.
Beef Burger | Made with premium beef patty, caramelised onions, ricotta cheese, pickles and chutney, this was served with a side of shoestring fries.

We were impressed with the food presentation of our food, especially the eggs benedict. Taste wise, nothing really stood out for my dining companions, but I personally really enjoyed my granola and the use of toasted white quinoa. The consensus around the table was that the eggs benedict needed more sauce because half way through the layered potato, they had run out of both the hollandaise sauce and beetroot puree.

Coffee was yummy, service was slow but friendly and there is plenty of off-street parking in the area. Keen to come back for a smoothie and salad!

Geeks on Sainsbury | 1/55 Sainsbury Road, Mt Albert


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