Bruges: Chez Albert

Some of the things that comes to mind when I think of Belgium is beer and waffles. Classic Belgian waffles is recognised by the larger squares and high grid pattern which creates deep pockets, perfect to hold syrup and increases the surface area for the crispy exterior.

Chez Albert came highly recommended by reviews on TripAdvisor and just so happen to be conveniently located between the Burg and Markt in Bruges. With an easy to order numbering system, even if you can’t speak Dutch or French, you will have no problems ordering exactly what you want at Chez Albert. Super crispy with a caramelised coating on the outside and fluffy on the inside, their freshly made waffles were scrumptious.

There are many different flavours but we adored the chocolate and strawberry combination. The strawberries are quite different from the large varieties that we get in New Zealand during summer. It’s small, sweet and full of flavour. The chocolate wasn’t really necessary but added a luscious element to this amazing waffle. It is worth every calorie!

Chez Albert | Breidestraat 16, Bruges


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