My Amsterdam Dining Journey

Part of my holiday last month, I spent a little over seven days in Amsterdam. In this post, I want to share with you the places and things that I ate and recommend! Enjoy!

Librije’s Zusje 

By far one of my best meals this year was at 2 Michelin starred Librije’s Zusje located inside the sophisticated Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Younger sibling to the three Michelin starred De Librije in Zwolle, Librije’s Zusje opened its door to the public in May 2014. The food and service at Librije’s Zusje is what you would expect at any high-end Michelin starred restaurants, from the complimentary amuse bouche to the immaculately timed serving of dishes and the beautiful multilingual wait staff, you can expect a 10/10 dining experience.

Some of my favourite dish included the complimentary chicken liver cream sandwiched in between two crisps made from fried chicken skin (not pictured), the tender lobster cooked in butter and served with white asparagus and pickled strawberries, the red mullet with octopus, tamarillo, Japanese horseradish and coffee and the sweetcorn taco dessert with popcorn, jalapeño and lime.

The series of mini chocolates with a liquid cocktail centre was on the house and included flavours like margarita, bloody Mary and pina colada. The bill came to around €418 (including alcohol) for the three of us which was what we expected. Water service cost €7.5 per person and my short espresso at the end of the meal was a whooping €9!

Hotel de Goudfazant

Serving creative Dutch-French cuisine in an eclectic industrial-chic space, Hotel de Goudfazant is hidden inside a former warehouse/garage in the quieter side of Amsterdam and away from the touristic centre. The location however, does not dampen its popularity with the locals because despite coming at an off-peak time, we only just managed to nab the last table.

The menu is in Dutch and they offer an affordable 3 course dinner for €31.50 per person. Luckily, my cousin acted as our translator for the night so we didn’t have to rely on guessing. I ordered the poached duck egg with white asparagus and Iberico ham as my entrée, the roast baby chicken (one of their most popular dish) as my main and the passionfruit pavlova for dessert. The chicken was sublime, cooked just right, the meat retained adequate moisture and the seasoning was en point.

The Butcher

Combining freshly flame-grilled juicy beef patties with cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickle and place that between a warm toasted bun – you get a pretty damn good burger. Despite not sounding very special, the Butcher’s special seasoning on their patties separates this epic burger from the mediocre. My favourite part of the meal was the side of truffle paste which I smeared all over the meat and the remainder were quickly devoured with my fries which were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside!

The Butcher occupies a very small space and hidden behind stalls at Albert Cuyp market, we walked up and down the street a couple of times before we found the inconspicuous entrance. This burger joint is very popular and even recommended on Buzzfeed.

Miscellaneous Items: Haring and Pickles

Oh beautiful raw haring. Luscious with just the optimal amount of fish oil, the filet of raw haring topped with uncooked onion and sliced pickles is a foodies’ MUST when you’re in Amsterdam. I couldn’t resist from getting a giant pickle all to myself and it oozed with the deliciousness that is pickling juice.

Miscellaneous Items: Frites with Mayonnaise

Walking around with a cone of fries topped with a large dollop of mayonnaise is a common sight when you’re in the city centre. Freshly cooked chunky fries slathered with creamy mayo, this will be sure to fill you up!


Miscellaneous Items: Stroopwafel and Poffertjes

If you have a sweet tooth, then be sure to try freshly made stroopwafel and poffertjes. Stroopwafel consists of a hot syrup which resembles something like caramel, sandwiched between two thin waffles whereas poffertjes are mini pancakes dusted with icing sugar and paired with soft butter. When made fresh from street vendors, the smell and taste is so addictive and you’re end up going back for more!


Miscellaneous Items: Cheese

Dutch cheese shops are scattered everywhere and most of them offer free tasting! We love cheese and we purchased these three at Henri Willag.


Of course, we’ve had some not so great meals which we will not mention. But overall, the food and cuisine in Amsterdam is suitable for even the less adventurous!


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