London: Duck and Waffles

Breakfast with a view, I can’t think of a better way to start the day! Upon researching some of the best places to eat in London, I stumbled across Duck and Waffles in the heart of London city where you can enjoy phenomenal European and British cuisine with a view to match. Located on the 40th floor in the Heron Tower, it is the highest restaurant in the United Kingdom. The stunning unparalleled view of the cityscape is the perfect accompaniment to the rustic dishes which Duck and Waffles are known for.

Finding the small entrance that leads to the elevator was an uneasy task, but the power of Google Map meant that we were only 10 minutes late for our reservation (and yes, you will need a reservation). The dining area offers a panoramic view of the busy city and we were lucky to get a table right by the edge, allowing us to take in the scenery while we waited for our food.

Despite my sister and I wanting to try different things, we both couldn’t resist ordering their signature confit duck leg on waffles. What an utter delight! Fluffy sweet waffles with a beautifully cooked crispy duck leg confit and topped with a fried duck egg. This was accompanied with a maple syrup with a delicate hint of mustard. Thinking that it wouldn’t be enough, we foolishly ordered two sides of hash browns which we did not manage to finish.

We were very pleased that we decided to give Duck and Waffles a try. Intending to come for lunch, my last minute reservation meant that they could only fit us in at 8AM! It took a lot of planning to make sure that we made it on time, considering the commute took us over 40 minutes. But it was worth the early morning! If you’re planning a visit to London in the near future, make sure you include Duck and Waffles in your itinerary!

Duck and Waffles | 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY


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