Auckland: The Tasting Shed

Heading into Kumeu for dinner is not a usual venture considering it’s about 45 minutes away from home but my friends and I have heard such great things about the Tasting Shed including their stunning location, we decided to break the norm and enjoy the drive while at it.

With the menu split into from the sea (seafood), land (meat) and earth (vegetables), it is designed for sharing with your dining companions. What I admired the most about the menu is the chef’s creativity on the vegetable dishes. We are all avid meat eaters so it’s refreshing to see innovative vegetarian dishes that encouraged us to eat our greens.

So here are the dishes we ordered:

Gluten free bread | Olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Mushrooms | Porcini, portobello, oyster, enoki mushroom with deep-fried gorgonzola cheese and chestnut puree. Good variety of texture and was quite surprised at the different assortment of mushrooms used!

Lamb Belly | Harissa and kumara puree with lemon segments. The combination of hot chilli pepper paste provided a spicy kick but nicely balanced with the sweet kumara.

Potatoes | Paprika, chives and buttermilk sauce. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside!

Sirloin Tartare | Steak tartare with kimchi, daikon, nashi and chilli. This Korean take of the traditional tartare is interesting and works very well. My favourite of the night.

Beef Cheek | Fermented chilli jus with slices of radish and sesame and peanut brittle.

Carrots | Fried parsnip crisps, honey and shallots. I’m usually not a fan of carrots but the way Tasting Shed prepared it, this dish turned out very well.

Pumpkin | Spiced yoghurt, radicchio cheese and walnuts

Doughnuts | Spiced pumpkin, quince, pecan and rum. Fluffy deep-fried doughnut balls with ice cream, what more could you ask for?

Rhubarb | Custard, shortbread topped with meringue. This was disappointing. Too much meringue and custard with not enough rhubarb.

Ice Cream | Salted caramel and double chocolate with waffle cone

Broccolini, Meatballs and Pork Belly not photographed

What a delightful meal at the Tasting Shed! As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I adore the concept of sharing plates because that means that everyone got to try everything on the table. We all enjoyed the different dishes, friendly service and the gorgeous dining room. Highly recommend and totally worth the drive.

The Tasting Shed | 609 State Highway 16, Kumeu


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