Wellington: The Ramen Shop

Sometimes, all you really need is a bowl of noodles. All this eating out during our weekend away in Wellington, made me crave for a simple ramen and just so happen that there is one just round the corner from where we were staying. Amongst the small stores in Newtown, The Ramen Shop serves ramen with a modern kiwi twist and shows their take on the traditional ramen.

The vegetarain Shoyu Shiitake version came with a soy and shiitake based broth with pickled shiitake, fried onion, nori and chilli whereas my Tonkotsu Shoyu came with a pork broth, pork belly, fried onion with a delicious soft boiled egg. Portion was very underwhelming. My one small slice of slow cooked pork could be consumed in just one bite and the only thing that was left behind in the bowl was just noodles. The egg was beautifully prepared and added an eggy richness to the broth.

Considering it’s not located in the city centre, the price I paid ($12 per bowl) and the dish I received didn’t quite seem to match. Broth was not too salty but it lacked the rich flavours of pork and shoyu.
I think I’ve been spoilt with authentic and amazing ramen in Auckland.

The Ramen Shop | 191 Riddiford Street, Newtown

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