Wellington: Bresolin

The increasing number of affordable eateries never cease to amaze me and it goes to show that you can always amazing food outside of fine dining restaurants. Searching for a cheap and affordable meal in Wellington took us to Bresolin. I intially intened to come for brunch but instend we came early Saturday night for a quick meal.

We had the hand cut steak tartare with a egg yolk emulsion and a tangy mango salad on top, a gorgeous buttermilk fried chicken with a side of firey chilli sauce, a juicy cheeseburger with a side of twice cooked fries and a side of iceberg with a light blue cheese sauce topped with almonds.

Taste wise, the steak tartare was underwhelming. It needed more gherkins to add a sharp tang and could do with a dash of Tobasco. The fried chicken is nearly as good as the ones at Swert Mother Kitchen and the burger was just what we needed to fit the spot.

The Bresolin | 278 Willis St, Te Aro


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