Auckland: Nanam

The popularity of Southeast Asian cuisine in Auckland is constantly rise and restaurants serving food from these parts of the world is becoming more and more readily available.  Nanam is one of the latest addition that introduces Filipino cuisine to Aucklanders. Just over six weeks old when we visited, Nanam is situated in Royal Oak and boasts a surprisingly big menu that is made for sharing. With this in mind, we came as a group of five, hoping to try as many dishes as possible.

Getting a table on Wednesday night was relatively easy as we were told that it’s one of their quiet nights. Given the responsibility of ordering for the group, I picked a total of eight dishes, two sides and two desserts to share. Half of the dishes are made for four patrons but because Nanam is very accommodating, they made everything enough for five including the tacobao.

So here are the dishes we ordered:

TacoPao | Sticky pulled pork, beetroot bun, pork chicharron and homemade pickle. Our favourite for the night. The fried pork crackling was the icing on the cake. Crispy and not too oily, it added a crunchy texture to the soft bao.

Adobo Croquettas | pulled lamb shoulder with crushed potato served alongside a mint Crème fraiche dip.

Beef Caldereta | Pulled beef brisket and shredded lettuce with homemade tortilla.

Sisig | Spiced chicken hearts, pork chicharron, water chestnut salsa with lettuce wrap. Another hearty dish, the liver pate intensified the richness of the dish. Great when paired with a crisp piece of lettuce.

Queso de bola | Smoked edam cheese, pickled baby cucumber with wagyu carpaccio and chipotle mayonnaise. Smoky cheesy goodness!

Roast Chicken Sinigang | Tamarind spice marinated chicken with grilled eggplant salsa and watercress puree.

Beef Bistek | Skirt steak with salsa, charred shallots and sorrel butter.

Tokwa Lumpia Crepe | Fried tofu, mushrooms, crispy onion and seasonal vegetables.

Broccoli Side | With mushroom, garlic and cashew nuts. What a spectacular side, we really enjoyed the use of wood ear mushrooms.

Couscous Side | Salad of couscous, tomato, salted egg, cucumber and red onion.

Halo Halo | Caramel flan with pandan granite, purple yam pudding, sweet beans, melon and coconut Jasmin foam. This was absolutely delicious.

Turon | Crispy caramelized banana parfait with jackfruit gel and chocnut soil

Our first time trying Filipino cuisine and we can’t rave enough about it. The staff at Nanam were friendly and our waitress was very informative about every dish that was served to us. The price point was decent and we were well fed without breaking the bank. Seriously worth a visit and we can’t wait to come back again!

Nanam | 126 Symonds Street, Royal Oak

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