Auckland: Matterhorn

 Since opening in Wellington in 1963, Matterhorn has been a popular dining destination whenever you’re in the Capital. After being in the dining scene for over half a century, it’s still popular as ever, so much so that they opened a second eatery in Auckland. This news was met with glee and excitement! My first meal at Matterhorn left such a good impression, I could not wait to give this branch a try. Taking the space formerly occupied by Libertine in Victoria Park Market, Matterhorn is nested next to La Zeppa on Drake Street. It was a relatively quiet Saturday night in town, so parking was a breeze.

Our meal started with complimentary bread served with a smooth gorgeous ball of butter. The butter was so addictive that we asked for extra bread.

For starters, we decided to order a small raw dish each rather than entrees as Matterhorn always serves a big portion. I happily devoured my raw aged beef with mushroom, scotch and horseradish while my dining companions enjoyed the juicy Bluff oysters served a natural and the tuna ceviche with wasabi, radish and yuzu.

Our mains was a meaty affair. It was a hard decision because all the options looked so good. I finally settled with the plate of pork while my dining companions ordered the lamb rump, veal rib and wild red deer. My plate of pork consisted of different cuts and preparation of pork including a perfectly crafted section of pork belly, crackling and a hearty portion of black pudding. The side of sour cabbage and quince added a tart taste and perfectly complimented the pork. Not a big fan of the black pudding but all the other components were stunning.

With the inability to refuse any duck fat and potato combo, we ordered a side of their duck fat mash and green beans with almonds. The smooth mash, covered with a glorious gravy was utterly amazing.

Despite being overfed for our mains, our second stomach for dessert meant that we needed to try what they had to offer. Using seasonal fruits, the feijoa dish was en point. The accompanying ginger sorbet is by far one of the best I’ve eaten. The guanaja chocolate and carmalized milk with candied walnut was a decadent affair and the black boy peach was very nicely done.

Our early dinner reservation meant that we had most of the wait staff’s undivided attention and they displayed perfect hospitality. Our water was always topped up as well as our wine glasses and they frequently checked up on us to make sure we were happy. Matterhorn in Wellington left a great impression on me and I’m so glad that the one in Auckland displayed the same high level of standard and service. Highly recommend for any occasion.

Matterhorn Auckland | 37 Drake Street, Freemans Bay

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