Sweet Cuisine – Part Three: Clooney

My third Sweet Cuisine dessert popup and this time, it’s in the intimate Epoque Room in Clooney. Can you tell that I’m a huge fan? Brian and his team changed it up this time and rather than being seated on different tables, we shared the large communal table with 16 other diners and enjoyed a four course dessert degustation together.

No particular theme this time and here are the four dishes:

Granny Smith apple, feijoa, Heilala vanilla and ginger

Pineapple, passionfruit, coconut, banana and dulcey chocolate

Figs, quince, honey, chestnut and oats

Valrhona chocolate, blackcurrant, coffee and hazelnut.

 I adored all four dishes but my favourite from the night would be the first dessert which incorporated apples, feijoa and ginger. A fruity combination and the ingredients worked wonderfully with each other. The Valrhona chocolate dish at the end is like a stunning piece of artwork and the gelato on a stick was the icing on the cake.

So if you have yet to try Sweet Cuisine, what are you waiting for?

Sweet Cuisine | http://www.sweetcuisine.net.nz


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