Sydney: Cafe Roastery, The Grounds of Alexandria

With a garden-to-plate philosophy, the Cafe Roastery at the Grounds of Alexandria is dedicated to good quality produce and wholesome ingredients locally sourced or from The Grounds itself. We came on Easter Sunday to The Grounds filled to the brim with visitors and everyone was told it was about 90 minutes wait for a table. But having travelled here from the CBD, we persisted, took the pager and waited while we satisfied our hunger with some freshly made donuts.

Luckily after an hour, our pager started to buzz, alerting us that our table was ready. Despite operating over three dining area, Cafe Roastery was packed and we took our seats in-between two other tables within elbow distance from each other. We studied their extensive menu while we contemplated on what to order. With the focus of clean green produce such as heirloom tomatoes, fresh mango, field mushrooms, avocado and figs, everything on the menu looked amazing.

Poached Eggs on Toast | Classic poached eggs served on The Grounds signature sourdough. Gooey runny centre with a perfectly round exterior, it was poached to perfection.

Grilled Crab Bruschetta | Pickled crab, smashed avocado on grilled seeded bread. Served with a side of wild rocket.

Fresh Fig Salad | Segments of sweet figs, pungent gorgonzola, asparagus, crispy pancetta, honey crumble and dressed with a tangy apple balsamic vinegar.

Getting the attention of the busy wait staff was a hard task, they walk so quickly pass us that it took some intense waving before we could get their attention. They also managed to forget our coffee order and was only served our coffee when our plates were all cleared.

Despite the less than impressive service, we realised that it was a public holiday and staff must have been overworked. Overall, we were happy with our meal at Cafe Roastery.

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Cafe Roastery | Grounds of Alexandria, 2 Huntley Street, Alexandria

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