Sweet Cuisine – Part One: Sidart

A pastry chef for over 15 years, Brian Campbell is the genius behind Sweet Cuisine. With an impressive career at Michelin Star restaurants in USA, England and Spain, he spent the last few years at the ever-so-popular dessert store, Milse. His latest venture is Sweet Cuisine, an event and consulting company that specialises in delectable desserts and is launching pop up dining events all over Auckland.

Having attended the two pop ups at Meredith and Sidart, I could safely say that it’s the perfect way to go indulge and satisfy your sweet tooth. You could opt for a three course ($45) or four course ($54) and if that’s not enough, you can purchase his hand made sweet treats on site.

Here are my photos from the Sidart session on Monday 23 February.

Invoire pannacotta | Raspberry, blueberry, peach and basil

Dulcey sponge | hazelnut praline and apricot

Jivara mousse | plum, cherry, lemon, popcorn and edible bloom

 Guanaja chocolate sphere | Tonka bean, mango curd, macadamia and surprise ingredient, popping biscuit crumble.

My favourite dish for the night was the first dessert which incorporated refreshing fruity ingredients in the form of ice and frezze-dried pieces of fruits. The addition of basil makes a perfect pairing!

Sweet Cuisine | http://www.sweetcuisine.net.nz


One thought on “Sweet Cuisine – Part One: Sidart

  1. Oh my, those desserts really are one of a kind, I’m constantly surprised at how they come up with such inventive flavour combinations. Looks like you had a really good night!

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