Auckland: Petit Bocal

In the suburb of Sandringham comes French eatery Petit Bocal. Decorated with fresh flowers, black and white French themed prints on the walls and the wood grain table tops, this classic cafe with free hanging lights from the ceiling is a quintessential eatery on Sandringham Road.

One of their must-try dish recommended by Metro is the marinated sardine. The pairing of an oily fish with lemon is a neat way to cut through the fattiness. This dish is paired with a semi-boiled egg with French baguette soldiers. The buttery and naturally salty yolk makes an excellent dipping sauce.

The salmon scrambled eggs is a delight. The salmon, cured with salt, sugar and dill is not excessively fishy and the freshly baked croissant is the cherry on top. I hardly touched the Crème fraiche with chives as the flavours of the eggs and croissant.

Very pleased with my brunch at Petit Bocal. I would come back just for the croissant alone. Coffee art is adorable and you can’t go wrong with Coffee Supreme.

Petit Bocal | 177 Sandringham Road, Sandringham

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8 thoughts on “Auckland: Petit Bocal

  1. I live near here but haven’t tried it yet because my husbands adores the cafe next door.

    Are the sardines really sardines in a can? Or is the can just for presentation? I love sardines in a can but I don’t think I would order that at a cafe.

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