Cafe Watch: Domain and AYR

Food: An all day menu with a good selection of dishes. Food presentation was less than desirable. My Mushroom Medley had mostly Portobello and button and only managed to find two pieces of oyster mushroom. My dining companion’s Mushroom Benedict was sitting on top of a pool of mushroom water which was either suppose to be a watery mushroom sauce which clashed with the hollandaise or they didn’t think to remove the liquid before plating.

Coffee: Kokako coffee which is fair trade and organic. But because I had a coffee an hour prior, I opted for a juice aka liquid plant. Nice healthy alternative with plenty of different blends.

Price: Decent, dishes less than $20. Coffee is around $4.5 and smoothie and juice around $8.

Location and Parking: In-between Parnell and New Market, it’s amongst a small number of shops on Parnell Road. Plenty off-street parking available.

Overall Dining Experience: Service was less than desirable. Walking into a cafe with only two customers, the barista and cashier were too busy chatting amongst themselves to notice that we came in. Their interactions between the people they know and the ones they don’t is dramatically different as I saw a friendly smile and conversation when their friends walked in.


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