Wellington: Six Barrel Soda Co.

Six Barrel Soda Co. A Wellingtonian company making a name for itself with their classic and contemporary sodas and syrup since 2012. Supplied to restaurants, bars and cafes all over New Zealand, Australia and Singapore, their sodas are vastly gaining popularity.

Six Barrel HQ can be found in the heart of Wellington, right next to Dreamgirls and opposite Memphis Belle Coffee. Unfortunately, HQ no longer serves breakfast or burgers because they want to maximise their kitchen for soda creation. As we went with an empty stomach, we ended up devouring a savoury pinwheel and a big bowl of crispy Cajun spiced fries with a cherry + pomegranate and grapefruit + hops soda.

Decent meal overall. The seating area is small but they have a high turnover, so if you did have to wait, it won’t be for long. It’s worth a try!

Six Barrel Soda Co | Level 1, 33-35 Dixon Street, Wellington Central

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