Auckland: The Corner

Finding a good local place to eat around the Howick area can be troublesome as the good eateries either don’t open for dinner or the ones that do are mediocre. This was until I came across The Corner when I was browsing on Zomato. On Picton Street, just a couple of shops around Basalt, The Corner is open from lunch till late between Monday to Friday, as well as open from brunch till late on the weekends.

My friends and I decided to meet up for dinner on a lazy Saturday night and we managed to get the second to last table in the small dining area. With limited space, the vibe is more gastropub with the bar occupying a big section of the eatery. The concept of the menu is made for sharing and we ordered four dishes to share between three.

The gourmet fries with truffle parmesan salt, aioli and chilli jam is neatly served in a small wire basket and these were served hot and crispy. The chilli jam has just a hint of spice and is quite different from the traditional tomato sauce. The scallop of the day was served with crispy prosciutto, corn and diced tomato. Fat succulent scallops, perfectly cooked!

We enjoyed the pulled pork sliders with red cabbage and apple slaw, served between warm toasted buns. The Cajun shrimp taco was my favourite for the evening. With ample shrimp in each taco, this was an excellent value compared to some taco joints which shall remain anonymous! The combination of Cajun shrimp, pickled red onion, tomato, corn and basil salsa was spot on and the final dressing of aioli sealed the deal!

We left some room for dessert and opted for a small blueberry cheesecake and a large honey roasted nectarines with a mango and coconut mascarpone.

My friends and I really loved th vibe at The Corner. With friendly service, excellent food and plenty of off-street parking, I can see myself being a regular here!

The Corner | Location: 143 Picton Street, Howick 


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