Auckland: Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant

Highly recommended by my boss, she decided to treat some of us a nice Thai dinner after a hectic week at work. We all enjoy Thai cuisine and it was a perfect choice for our diverse group as we had some vegetarian, one who loves spicy food as well as myself who is down for good meal! Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant has one of the most extensive menu I have ever come across with over 70 different selections including vegetarian dishes, entrees, curries, salads, soups and their chef specialities.

Our meal began with an entrée platter and it was an impressive start. A selection of some of their best-selling entrée, there was not a curry puff in sight. It includes the Thai herb wrap, made up of a mixture of prawn, capsicum, peanuts, red onion and coconut, wrapped with a young spinach leaf and finished with a sweet tamarind sauce, the spicy deep-fried prawn cakes mixed with red curry paste and sliced green beans, their house made grilled Northern Thai sausages with herbs and pickled vegetables and my favourite out of them all was the Blue Elephant Scallops which was paired with a rich coconut cream based casing. An exceptional start to our meal and a great way to sample a bit of everything! Good thing we ordered two, so there was plenty to go around.

Without being aware of the size of the platter, we ordered quite an assortment of mains. The vegetarian mock chicken green curry with green beans, zucchini and bamboo shoot was very popular amongst the vegetarians and spice lovers. This was too hot for my palate, so I happily devoured my favourite dish of the night, the Blue Elephant Curry. A traditional Northern Thai curry, this resembles more like a pork dish rather than a typical curry. Pieces of moist juicy slow cooked pork belly, covered with a sweet and tangy sauce and served with peanuts, scrumptious! The spicy crispy pork with basil, bamboo shoots, green beans, and broccoli had an appetising heat which goes perfectly with steamed jasmine rice and the vegetarian fried rice with tofu was very enjoyable.

There were a couple of other dishes that I didn’t manage to take a photo of, but are ones that I would recommend. The main component of the Blue Elephant Friends (one of the chef’s specials) was deep-fried chicken coated with slivers of almonds. Despite being meat from the breast, the chicken retained the moisture and was easy to chew. The pits of almond gave a nice texture variation compared to the usual bread crumb crust. The red duck curry with lychee, pineapple and grapes was another favourite amongst the table. Plenty of sliced roast duck in the dish, it was another great dish to pair with rice.
It was such a satisfying meal and I’m amazed that I didn’t know about this place till now! I’m fond of the variety that Blue Elephants has to offer as well as the execution of the dish. The dining area is cosy with limited seating, so it is recommended that if you wish to dine in, call ahead so you won’t leave disappointed. The service was friendly and attentive; they even offered to loan us their umbrella when we left because the weather decided to turn for the worst. So go and give Blue Elephant a try, because like me, you might get hooked!

Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant | Location: 237 Parnell Road, Parnell | Food: Thai

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2 thoughts on “Auckland: Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant

  1. The platter looks great! As you say “not a curry puff in sight”. Often it’s just a selection of deep fried stuff, all the same colour, all with the same dipping sauces. Nice to see some unusual things on their platter. What a great way to start the evening.

    I’d love to go to Thai place and ask them to bring me a selection of their finest dishes. I tend to order the same dishes over and over again just because I’m never quite sure what else to order. Sometimes the menu can be overwhelming. I guess going as a group and sharing is a good way to be more adventurous. Surely at least 1 person in the group will like it!

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