My Eating Adventure: Part Two – Cambodia

Our next stop during our vacation was Cambodia where we stayed at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap for a short duration. The hot and sticky weather kept us mostly indoor and away from the street food, but we managed to try several places including a delicious hearty dinner cooked by locals and served in their home.

Phnom Penh

Friends (House 215 Street 13, Phnom Penh): Our local guide took the group here for dinner and we could see why! One of the busier restaurants in Phnom Penh, the concept behind this restaurant involves building the future of former street children and young people by training them in the hospitality business. Owned by the TREE (Training Restaurants for Employment and Entrepreneurship) alliance, all the profits goes back to the their training and education. Such a great way to improve the community! I decided to try their stir fry beef with red tree ants which has a light vinegar taste with a unique crunch. Definitely worth a try!

Russian Market (cnr Street 163 and 444, Phnom Penh): When the weather finally cleared up on our second day in Phnom Penh, we decided to hit the Russian Market for a nosy. With limited dining options, we found a small noodle bar inside the hot humid market and enjoyed a plate of pork rice noodles, cooked right in front of us. The noodles had a firm texture with great flavours. Tt was difficult to find the pork, but for $1.50USD, who could complain!

Dinner at a Local: Our guide offered the group a chance to have a feast cooked by a local at his home so we could not only experience the local way of dining, but also support the family. It was a short tuktuk ride to his home; we sat in the lounge while they brought out plates and plates of food for us to try. Fresh stir fry vegetables, grilled beef kebabs, an amazing chicken curry and fried noodles, we were filled to the brim. They also offered us their home brew trantrula moonshine which had a huge kick and you can see the black spiders in the bottle.

Siem Reap

AnnAdyA Restaurant and Bar (Soksan Street, Siem Reap): Looking for an inexpensive restaurant that can fit a big group in Siem Reap? Then you must make your way to AnnAdyA where the food is delicious, the dining area is spacious and the service is friendly and efficient. This inexpensive set menu includes deep fried pork and shrimp dumpling with lotus root salad, vege soup, stir fried eggplant, Cambodian chicken curry, fish amok, steamed rice and a mango sticky rice for dessert.

We really enjoyed the food that Cambodia had to offer, despite only staying for a short time. Cambodia is a stunning country and we had such a great time!

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3 thoughts on “My Eating Adventure: Part Two – Cambodia

  1. I love the concept of Friends. It is such a great way to support the locals and spend your money in a positive way. In our travels through Asia we saw many beggars and my personal rule is not to give money to beggars because it only reinforces begging culture. Instead, I bought food for beggars and was happy to tip generously to hardworking locals trying to make a buck.

    Of course the funny thing is I still like to haggle for prices, then if I get great service, end up paying more!

    I don’t know about that moonshine though. Did anyone from your group try it? Do the locals actually drink it or is it just for show?

    • I agree. I too, also did not give money to beggars where at times, they come and demand for money. What is more disheartening is when adults get children to beg for money.

      We did try the local moonshine, just a small shot each. I can’t say that I enjoy it and YES, the locals do drink it on a regular basis. It’s supposed to be good for you. They use other ingredients such as scorpion and snake too!

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