Auckland: Rosie

A new addition to the Metro Top 50 Restaurants for 2014, Rosie is created by Scott Brown and Jackie Grant (aka the Hip Group) and is an incarnation of the former cafe Rosehip which sat at the same spot. With a similar menu like Ortolana where fresh ingredients and local produce are their top priority, Rosie is a popular eatery for the locals. Wanting to give this place a try after reading reviews online, my friends and I stopped by for lunch on Saturday.

In the mood for eggs, I decided to try their smoked fish omelette with capers and soft herbs. The salty caper salad replaced the need for any addition of salt and the smoked fish incorporated a light smokey element into the fluffy omelette. My dining companions both enjoyed their green egg benedict with kale and a mushroom, pancetta and poached eggs combination which was finished off with a truffled soubaise. The only complaint amongst the table was the bread served with the benedict. It was bland and boring, rather disappointing.

Surprise surprise, the Hip Group did it again with success at Rosie. The full dining room is a clear indication of its popularity and the friendly and helpful staff made dining at Rosie a delightful experience. They are open from morning to night; would like to see how they execute their dinner! Bookings are usually not taken, so go early or risk waiting for a table!

Rosie | Location: 82 Gladstone Road, Parnell | Food: Cafe, Contemporary

Rosie on Urbanspoon


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