Auckland: Better Burger

Nestled inside Britomart Country Club, Better Burger is the latest addiction to the burger joints popping up in Auckland Central. With warning of a long wait from friends who tried to dine here, we initially didn’t expect to get a table for lunch on Sunday. But luck was on our side and there were still plenty of tables still available.

With a limited number of options on the menu, I opted for a double cheeseburger with fries and soda. For $12.50, it’s a reasonable price and costs are similar to meals at fast food outlets. The burger itself is rather basic. Two juicy beef patties that are still slightly pink inside with lettuce, red onion, tomato and pickles within a toasted white bun. Not a gourmet burger like Burger Burger but it hits the spot with the right amount of grease. The fries come with a nice crispy skin and a side of tomato sauce but the portion was smaller than expected.

Wait time was surprisingly short and we received our food in around 15 minutes. The environment is very relaxed and if you want to have a beer with your burger, you can order at the Britomart Country Club bar. Overall, it was a decent burger and for the price, you can’t ask for better considering you are in Britomart.

Better Burger | Location: 31 Galway Street, Britomart | Food: Burgers


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