Auckland: Little Bird Unbakery

As we become more health conscious, the wave of healthy eateries is quickly increasing with emphasis on good quality and clean living. Little Bird Unbakery is one of them, with two stores in Auckland, my sisters and I tried the one located on Summer Street in Ponsonbys. The chic decor with the open brick wall and interesting light fixtures instantly caught my eye when we stepped inside. I love the contemporary look between the contrast of the wooden floor and furniture with the red brick and it is a stunning dining space.

We went on a busy Saturday morning and the place was packed. But after a short 15 minute break, a table freed up and we happily took our seats. The menu at Little Bird Unbakery has an emphasis on healthy food with different dishes for breakfast, lunch and various offerings in their glass cabinets.

I went with my three other sisters and we ordered an assortment of dishes. I was very surprised to see bibimbap on their menu and I couldn’t resist to try this healthy version. A combination of various marinated and pickled vegetable (bean sprout, spinach, kimchi, mushroom) on top of cooked organic jade pearl rice, this was a spicy dish but boy was it good! I devoured this while my sisters enjoyed their portobello benedict, granola with berries and macadamia and a salad (not pictured).

While my two older sisters decide to keep on the healthy vibe with a clean smoothie, I selfishly had a Chemex coffee (that was made for two) all to myself while my younger sister indulged in the Raw Cacao Mug with warmed cashew and macadamia milk.

I was the only one that left room for dessert, so I took a wander to the counter to decide what to order. All their cakes are dairy, sugar, gluten and soy free. I took a while to make up my mind because everything looked so good, but I ended up with a beautiful chocolate hazelnut tart that had a coconut crumbled base with a silky smooth chocolate filling. It lacked the distinctive flavours of hazelnut but it was still a decent tart.

For the health conscious individuals, Little Bird Unbakery is a great cafe. Plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options as well as a vast variety of beverage options. The food here was a nice change from the usual breakfast items. However, I can’t see myself eating at this place very often, I enjoy meat and eggs too much.

Little Bird Unbakery | Location: 1A Summer Street, Ponsonby | Food: Raw Organic Cafe

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4 thoughts on “Auckland: Little Bird Unbakery

  1. Nice write up! I loved the granola and I was just thinking of Little Bird Unbakery like 5 minutes before your post popped up! I’m gonna have to go for another visit!

  2. You made me laugh at when you had the coffee all to yourself! Did your sisters like the smoothies? I was tempted but they were the most expensive smoothies I’d seen..

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