Auckland: El Sizzling Chorizo

In attempts to try everything in Ponsonby Central, my dining pals and I made our way to El Sizzling Chorizo for ‘afternoon tea’ (aka early dinner) at around 4:30PM and the place was already filling up with customers. With limited seating in this Argentinian eatery, we took one of the two long tables outside which was warm and cozy under a big heater. Being the meat lovers that we are, all except one of us ordered the Savannah sirloin cooked to medium rare while she enjoyed the oregano platter which we all managed to try a bit of.

The quality and portion of the steak is superb. For the price of $25, we were served with a 300 gram steak with a side of salad. However, all our steaks were overcooked and this was tremendously disappointing. Instead of medium rare, the steaks were more like medium to medium well. But because they use good quality steak, it was still a good texture rather than an unchewable mess. The grilled steaks came with a green oily chimichurri sauce which was made of garlic, herbs and vinegar.

We ordered a side of fabulous deep-fried potato which was served with a cream Dijon mustard. It had a crispy exterior and a fluffy interior, the mustard made this side a very hearty accompaniment to the steak

Being a BBQ joint, my dining pals and I expected more but it was a pleasant meal overall. I can only recommend this place for meat eaters as they only have one option that does not consist of meat and that is their grilled provolone cheese. It’s not a place that you can mingle for long because of the demands for tables but there are several other options around the area where you can stop by after dinner for dessert and coffee.

El Sizzling Chorizo| Location: Ponsonby Central, Ponsonby | Food: Argentinian BBQ

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2 thoughts on “Auckland: El Sizzling Chorizo

  1. It’s a shame about the done-ness of the steaks. I actually prefer a bit less cooked than medium rare. I wonder if it’s just better to ask for rare in that case?

    When ESC first opened, I took my husband there for a casual Tuesday dinner. The wait was 1-2 hours long though so we opted to go elsewhere and haven’t made it back yet!

    I have heard good things though and we are meat lovers so will persevere.

    • Well, I have had friends go before me and their medium rare did turn out medium rare. Maybe it was one of their off days.

      I am surprised at the limited seating, so to avoid disappointment again, be sure to go early! I love anywhere that serves a good steak 🙂

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