Auckland: Milse – Takeaway

Lately, I have been indulging in some of Milse’s cabinet desserts which I purchase for take away. I’m not their biggest fan when it comes to their a la carte desserts, but these gorgeous verrines just yells “BUY ME”!

The plum, yoghurt and almond jar is one of my favourite because it combines a zesty sour element from the yoghurt with a rich plum compote. The tiny meringues dusted with red berry powder makes a cute topping as well as add some crunch into the mix. The sponge in the middle is moist but not soggy and the slithers of roasted almonds under the meringues were lovely.

The green tea, passionfruit and Valrhona chocolate is another adorable looking dessert. Layers of green tea mousse, sponge, white chocolate cream and passionfruit puree, topped with a green tea cookie and some very interesting passionfruit sweets which had a chewy texture. Flavours worked surprisingly well, I’m not a big fan of the seeds but the passionfruit was aromatic and gave a tart taste to the sweet dessert.

I love feijoas, the taste is distinctive and there is nothing quite like it. So I was very pleased to see this on their menu. A combination of cooked pear with feijoa, honey and buckwheat, this verrine is unlike the other two sweet versions. The feijoa puree is gritty and has that special taste. This is served on top of a layer of buckwheat sponge and a honey flavoured cream. Delicious!

Milse | Location: The Pavilions, 27 Tyler Street, Britomart | Food: Dessert  

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4 thoughts on “Auckland: Milse – Takeaway

  1. Haha, how did you manage to get that takeaway without the toppings going everywhere? The jars are adorable! Is the green tea flavour strong? I tried their green tea cake and you could barely taste it :/

    • They secure it in a plastic sleeve before putting it in a bag. The green tea was not very strong as passionfruit can be rather overpowering. But this had a good balance.

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