Auckland: The Store

Dining options are endless when it comes to Britomart. This Auckland CBD hub has long been the center of attention and the place to be for high fashion and exceptional food, dethroning the then popular High Street.

Stopping by The Store for a bite to eat after an eventful day at the Auckland Art Galley, I went for a healthy afternoon tea. A generous serving of thick creamy yoghurt with walnuts, baked figs which has lightly caramelised and a wedge of honeycomb. The combination of the different consistency and flavours were splendid and it was just the right portion. Figs are in season and the people from The Store grow their own in their farm, ensuring the best quality to be served.

I am curious to see if the other items on the menu are just as good. I will be back!

The Store | Location: The Pavillions, Britomart, Auckland CBD | Food: Cafe and Bakery


2 thoughts on “Auckland: The Store

    • I know! Figs are amazing so if you can get a hold of them, you could so replicate this at home! Maybe with the collective straight up yoghurt!

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