Auckland: Ortolana

I’ve reviewed the food at Ortolana on several occasions and it is an eatery that I have recommended to friends because of both the exceptional food and lively atmosphere. Ortolana puts a heavy emphasis on fresh produce (most from their own farm) and incorporates plenty of healthy ingredients into their dishes. You can find my previous reviews here and here.

Surf Clam Crudo – a delectable pasta which has plenty of clams and slices of fennel. The use of tomatillo, which has a sweet and citrusy flavour, makes this dish light and zesty and helped counter the strong taste of the clams. The garnish of sorrel adds to the lemony taste and was a nice way to increase our appetite!

Grilled Spatchcock – A small whole chicken with most of its bone removed, grilled to perfection. This was served over a grainy barley salad with wedges of grilled figs which added a touch of sweetness.

Flat Iron Steak – thick slices of steak cooked medium rare with romesco and topped with a micro green salad. The romesco, a classic Spanish sauce, was made with red peppers and a mixture of nuts. It provided a smoky interest and perfectly paired with the  steak.

Our desserts (clockwise from the left) – bombe Alaska gelato on a stick, valhrona iced chocolate, salted caramel flan with feijoa and lime and a green tea and plum gelato on a stick. The gelato on a stick is made next door at Milse. Ideal sweet ending to our night.

Getting a table at Ortolana has proven to be difficult during the peak times, especially if you want to sit inside. They don’t take reservations, so be prepared to wait. I’ve never been disappointed with the food here, so it is well worth the wait!

Ortolana | Location: The Pavilions, 31 Tyler Street, Britomart | Food: Contemporary Bistro

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