Auckland: Sawadee

I was lucky enough to be invited again to a Zomato Foodie Meet Up, hosted by lovely Zomato Auckland Team and this time, it is at the long-standing Sawadee in Ponsonby. I was joined by the two lovely Zomato organisers, nine other food bloggers and Theresa, the owner of Sawadee.

Similar to the last foodie meetup, we were once again, overwhelmed by food in the course of two hours. Our meal was made up of a total of ten dishes which included four different entrees, five mains and a fruit platter to finish. Sawadee has a fairly extensive menu with salad, curry and various meat options as well as vegetarian dishes and the chef was kind enough to select some of their most popular dishes for us to try.

Out of the entrees, my two favourites were the gari puffs and the grilled chicken pieces served with an amazing thick satay sauce. The sauce which has a rich peanut taste was mixed with tamarind and has a hint of sweetness that compliments the chicken. The gari puffs, which I ate with home-made sweet chili sauce, were delicate and crispy with a hearty filling of minced chicken, onion and kumara.

Out of the five mains, I personally really enjoyed the Thai Spicy Duck Salad and the Red Curry with Prawns. The duck salad, served in an adorable bird dish, was made up of iceberg lettuce, roast duck, chilli and a tangy lime based dressing which provided an interesting and delectable combination of sour and spicy. The large juicy prawns in the red curry were perfectly cooked and the taste was spot on. I love the use of coconut milk in curries as it adds a level of richness and it’s an excellent dish to have with steamed jasmine rice. The chilli element was not excessive so this was perfect for me.

I had such a wonderful time at the Zomato Foodie Meetup and I’m so grateful to be invited again. The get-together was a nice way to meet other food bloggers in Auckland (see list below) as well as catch up with the Zomato girls.

Sawadee | Location: 42A Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby | Food: Thai

Other Foodie Attendees – Flying Kiwi, Mina Ross, Move Love Eat, Nom Nom Panda, NYNB, Sweets and Brains and This is Meagan Kerr. Please show some love and check out the blogs!


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