Auckland: Foxtrot Parlour Cafe

In my humble opinion, the best way to spend any weekend involves good food. So while the weather is still shining in Auckland we made the most of our work free day with brunch at Foxtrot Parlour in Ponsonby Central. Despite starting early on a Saturday morning, Ponsonby Central was already busy with patrons visiting the fresh produce market and various eateries. We managed to get a seat inside Foxtrot Parlour and ordered items from their breakfast menu to start our day.

Being a huge fan of smoked fish, I opted for the Kedgeree which is a dish made up of flaked smoked fish, Indian spiced rice and topped with a poached egg. I can’t say that I was impressed with this dish. There were hardly any smoked fish in the rice and the spices had completely overpowered the little smokiness that was there. The poached egg which was listed on the menu as ‘soft’ was cooked all the way through, making the overall meal, very dry. I tried my best to finish it, but it could not be done.

After the meal, we left and I came back about two hours later for a doughnut. The doughnut was a huge improvement to my disappointing brunch. A cinnamon sugar dusted doughnut was served with a small side of whipped cream and a metal syringe with the filling of your choice. I couldn’t resist and ordered salted caramel while I could have gone with a healthier berry coulis. I happily injected the syringe into my chubby doughnut and filled the inside with a runny and rich caramel syrup. The combination was amazing. I like the idea of the syringe because it’s not only fun, but you get to control the amount of syrup to add. They are rather generous with the amount of filling and I had plenty leftover despite covering my doughnut with salted caramel.

Although the kedgeree was disappointing, the doughnut made up for it.  The cafe was busy during my two separate visits but the staff were very friendly and food and coffee came quickly. Although I may not come back to have brunch again, I would gladly visit again and again for their spectacular doughnuts.

Foxtrot Parlour Cafe | Location:  7 Richmond Road, Ponsonby | Food: Cafe