Auckland: Baduzzi Revisited

The last time I was at Baduzzi, our habit of over-ordering prevented us from saving room for dessert. So this time round, I made sure that I had a light start so I could leave space for a sweet treat at the end.

Being so well-known for their tiramisu, my three dining companions couldn’t resist and ordered the tiramisu while I decided to be different and got the dark chocolate semifreddo. The presentation of my semifreddo reminded me of my recent dessert at Milse, but in this case, this dessert was flawless. A cylinder of dark chocolate semifreddo, coated with crusted hazelnut and sandwiched between two crispy buttery wafers, this was accompanied with segments of grapefruit and mandarin that gave a delicate citrus touch and the pairing of the rich dark chocolate with the tangy citrus was spot on.

One of my friends was unable to finish her dessert, so I happily cleared the plate for her. The tiramisu, made with Baileys cream, amaretto-soaked ladyfingers and chocolate meringue was encased in a crunchy cookie case which was simply amazing. It’s important to try to have a bit of everything in one bite as the cream on its own is rather overpowering and sweet. The meringue was airy and light and the combination of all the components gave interesting texture and the flavours worked well.

Compared to my recent trip to Milse, I was more than impressed with these two desserts. There was no odd ingredient and although it looks simple, these desserts were anything but.

Baduzzi | Address: Cnr Jellicoe St and Fish Lane, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland CBD | Food: American-Italian


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