Auckland: Miss Clawdy Kitchen

Miss Clawdy Kitchen, housed in the new fancy ASB building at North Wharf, is a Southern American style restaurant that has been on my dining wish list for quite some time, and finally, after months of wanting to try this eatery, my friends and I made our way there after a morning of dress fitting.

We went relatively early, so the place was still quiet and we got to choose from the many tables that were available as well as receive attentive service from the wait staff. Our meal started with an alcoholic beverage, and mine came in the form of a green tea mojito. The green tea was very subtle in this drink, but the mixture of mint and lime kept me happy. We also received a small bowl of spiced popcorn which we nibbled on while we decided on what to order.

The style of the menu is made for sharing and we order an assortment to share between the three of us. First up the guacamole with corn chips. A combination of ripe avocado, pieces of tomato, and onion, we added a generous amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice which gave the guacamole a nice citrus acidity. I particullary like the random chucks of avocado and onion that gave this mixture more texture. The corn chips were airy and crispy and we had plenty to accompanying the guacamole.

The kingfish ceviche was slightly smaller than expected but it was delicious none the less. The chucks of raw kingfish, slivers of raw red onion, shallots and coriander, all tossed with coconut cream and lemon juice, was refreshing and a great way to encourage our already big appetite! The corn chips acted as a great replacement for spoons and again, we had plenty to keep us happy.

The southern fried jerk chicken was one of my favourite dish from the lunch. Large pieces of juicy fried chicken, they were crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, the fried coating really helped with locking away the chicken juices. This was paired with a chipotle and lime mayo that helped cool down these spicy pieces of chicken. It may not be authentic jerk chicken, but seriously, some of the best fried chicken in town!

And of course, because we have a habit of over ordering, we decided to get a bowl of their chunky fries, incase the previous dishes didn’t fill us up. These hand cut chunky street fries were served with a generous amount of blackened garlic and pepper aioli. Nicely fried on the outside and fluffy on the inside, these fries were devoured with ease

We felt that we needed some greens to counter our heavy lunch meal and we opted for the iceberg lettuce wedge that was garnished with ranch dressing and crumbled blue cheese. The blue cheese is not your usual pungent sort and it worked very well with the ranch and lettuce. This was topped with diced pieces of celery.  Despite looking like that the lettuce was drowning with sauce, this was not the case as we started hacking away. Sometimes, when iceberg wedges are served like this, by the time you get to the middle, all the sauce has been mopped up! But in this case, there was enough sauce for the entire wedge and I really enjoyed it!

I’ve read such great reviews on Miss Clawdy’s, so I’m glad that I went away from this hearty lunch with a smile on my face. Service got slightly busy towards the end of our meal, so it became challenging to get the attention from the staff, which is understandable. I can see myself coming back and having a plate of the fried chicken all by myself, as well as trying their pulled pork tacos and ya ya gumbo!

Miss Clawdys Kitchen | Location: 12 Jellicoe Street, Auckland | Food: Southern