Auckland: Best Ugly Bagels

A friend’s recent trip to Auckland meant stopping by at some of Auckland’s most popular dining district and we started our dining venture with a late lunch at City Works Depot, one of Auckland’s most exciting up and coming area. I’m a huge fan of Depot, as I sure that most of us are. So there is no doubt that Best Ugly Bagels, another venture of the talented Al Brown would remain just as popular since its opening early last year.

The glorious Montreal-style Bagels sold at Best Ugly Bagels are all crafted on site where they are hand rolled, simmered in sweet honey water and baked in a custom-made stone oven. I love the texture of their bagels, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, it has an airy consistency and nothing like the rock solid bagels that you can find at supermarkets or other mediocre retailers. The bagel has no salt and because it is simmer in honey water, it has a faint sweet flavour which I enjoy.

My friend and I decided to go halves on each filling so we could both try a bit of each. We ordered the bagel special which consisted of thick slices of champagne ham with beetroot and crumbled feta on a sesame bagel. The tangy beetroot relish was a nice tasty touch and along with the cream cheese, it kept the filling moist and together.

The KING had a generous layer of cream cheese, with slices of smoked salmon, capers, red onion and dill. This was by far one of the best salmon bagels I have tried. The red onions provided a sharp pungent tang and the capers countered the fishy fragrant of the salmon. They were not stingy with the amount of cream cheese which was creamy and mild in taste, and like the special bagel, it kept the bagel moist and together.

If you want freshly baked bagels, then look no further and make your way to Best Ugly Bagels at City Work Depot. They have an assortment of flavours that range from sweet to savoury, or if you prefer, you can purchase then straight up and take them home. They sell four different type of bagels (plain, sesame, poppy seed and cinnamon with raisin) and are available as singles or by the half dozen.

Come by and give it a try. Because like me, you could get hooked!

Best Ugly Bagels | Location: City works Depot, cnr Wellesley and Nelson Street, Auckland | Food: Bagels