Auckland: Orleans

Located on the cobbled Roukai Lane and brought to you by the people behind Mexico, Orleans is a bar, restaurant and live music venue, all packed into one. Inspired by the food and culture of New Orleans, this popular venue serves some of the best Southern food in Auckland.

I love stopping by at Orleans because of the great lively vibe as well as their amazing food. So here is a quick summary of the dishes that I have tried and recommend from Orleans.

Curly Fries |  I don’t think an explanation is required when it comes to curly fries because everyone knows that it is one of the best way to prepare potatoes! If their quirky look is not enough to convince you to order these fries, then you should also know that these crispy curly potato chips comes with a side of delicious creamy chipotle mayonnaise and are perfectly fried so it has a lovely crisp on the outside. These are also well seasoned so you can eat them without the aioli but let’s be honest, everything is better with mayonnaise.

Chicken and Waffles |  Some people love this dish (me) and some just does not understand nor enjoy the concept of mixing something sweet like these golden waffles with savoury chicken pieces. But like adding bacon to your French toast, this concept works so well together and its amazing. The large pieces of buttermilk and cornflake crusted fried chicken can be eaten separately if you preferred it without the waffles. But I highly recommend trying them together.

Pig Po Boy | Pieces of moist pulled pork with BBQ sauce, slaw and a side of chilli vinegar, served in toasted buns is a great combination and despite having BBQ sauce, the pork kept its distinctive pork flavours.

Peanut Butter Semifreddo ‘Sandwich’ | I love peanut butter and could never resist ordering anything with PB as an ingredient. The creamy PB semifreddo is sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies and is utterly delightful. Although I would have prefer the cookies being a softer texture, but the peanut butter makes everything okay.

Orleans | Location: Roukai Lane, 48 Custom Street East, Auckland | Food: Southern