Auckland: Milse Revisited

Nearly a year since their opening, Milse is still as popular as ever. We went early on a Friday night, so we only had a short wait of 15 minutes before a table freed up for us, otherwise, expect a usual wait time of around 45 minutes during busy times.

The concept at Milse is still the same. With one key fruit or vegetable taking centre stage on each dessert, it is accompanied with different elements in each dish. My Strawberry dish, which consisted of components such as small strawberry meringues, strawberry cheesecake, parmesan wafer, crushed peanuts and a pea and mint sorbet, was an overload of flavours. The pungent fresh parmesan was too strong and masked the delicate flavours of the strawberries and having all these components in one bite (as suggested by our waiter), was too much for me to handle. The pea and mint sorbet can be rather confusing to one’s senses and in my opinion, the flavours just didn’t quite work as well as it should have. It wasn’t horrible per se, just that it all tasted rather strange together.

My friend’s Blueberry dish was made up of blueberries in many different forms. Dehydrated, fresh, gel and foam preparation of blueberries were all incorporated into one dish and these were paired with a Valrhona caramelia chocolate parfait, lemon verbena and a fennel and buttermilk gelato. This although tasted much better than my strawberry, did not pack the much needed whoa factor.

Taste and presentation comes hand in hand and a dessert not only should look good, it should taste good too! We had seats looking into the kitchen which gave us a close view of the chef at work, and she was marvelous. Delicate, dainty with attention to detail, each dish is presented like art and every dishes that she prepares are all of great artist quality. However, taste wise, these two desserts were disappointing, hopefully their next updated menu will be more appealing to my taste-buds.

Milse | Location: The Pavilions, 27 Tyler Street, Britomart | Food: Dessert