Wellington: Caffe L’affare

I love discovering all the cafes and restaurants in Wellington and since my sister moved down, I’ve made all sorts of excuses to fly down and visit. With that said, my friend and I flew down to enjoy a weekend away from Auckland a few weeks ago and we made our way to Caffe L’affare’s flagship cafe and coffee roastery for Saturday brunch. Coffee lovers in New Zealand should already know about Caffe L’affare, established in Wellington during 1990, their coffee beans can be found in supermarkets and over 200 cafes nationwide.

The cafe is very charming and it incorporates the roaster, open kitchen and the company’s packaging plant inside the same space. A great industrial vibe and it was bustling on Saturday. I started my meal with an Ethiopia Sidamo cold brew coffee served unsweetened and with a small tumbler of ice.

Offering all day breakfast, a la carte lunch and cafe style counter food, there was an endless option of food available. I opted for the Harrington’s Special. Similar to a big breakfast, this dish used three types of Harrington’s sausages (chorizo, venison and pork and fennel), two poached eggs, hash browns and Turkish toast. This was accompanied by a creamy and rich hollandaise sauce. The Harrington’s chorizo sausage was delectable. With a tasty smoky flavour and a rich paprika taste, the chorizo is moist and flavoursome. Both the eggs were perfectly poached and the gooey centre was luscious.

What a great meal! Even though the cafe was extremely busy, the staff were on top of things and the food came out quickly. It was quite amazing because the cafe ran with great efficiency and the staff were polite and friendly. Something that can be hard to come by in Auckland! I’m impressed and I will be back!

Date: Saturday 21 December, 2013 | Location: 27 College Street, Te Aro | Food: Cafe