Auckland: York Street Mechanics

Arranging dinner at York Street Mechanics did not start well as the waitress that took my reservations double booked the private room that I had specifically asked for and by the time they noticed the mistake, it was too late to make other dining arrangements. The manager was kind enough to call and apologies and insisted that they will organise another private area for us. I made it clear that one of friend was bringing her toddler. On that day, my friend and I arrived slightly early to grab a drink and that was when we realised that they have arranged for us to sit on a tall table outside with high stools that have no back rest/support for the toddler. By then, because they had other group bookings, we took the last remaining big table inside. It was not a good start to our dinner.

For starters, we ordered a mixed platter to share while two of us ordered seafood chowder. The platter took a while to arrive because of the busy dining room and then suddenly, our mains came while we were still finishing the platter. Then they decided to finally serve the seafood chowder, so the two of us ended up having a luke warm main as they tried to finish the chowder.

Foodwise, it was okay. The chicken wings and the chunky fries in the platter were well seasoned and the portion was decent for the price. A good platter to have with a cold beer. My main of John Dory with Asian greens was moist and neatly presented and this was served with a small portion of seafood chowder.

We wanted to stay around and chat so we ordered a few more drinks while we carried on eating. The waitress, who obviously was having a hectic and bad day, needed us to remain her of our pending wines (which she managed to eventually served) but she had completely forgotten about my coffee which I ended up cancelling after waiting 30 minutes.

York Street Mechanics has great potential and I’m sure that it is a great place to stop by and have a drink. I love the interior decor and the incorporation of motorcycles in the dining area. Although there was nothing wrong with the food, the chaotic service gave an overall below average dining experience. The manager on duty was apologetic enough to give us a discount after we voiced our complaints but considering the number of group bookings, you would expect them to be more prepared and be fully staffed.

Date: Thursday 12 December 2013 | Location: 3 York Street, New Market | Food: Casual Dining