Auckland: Jervois Steak House

Jervois Steak House (JSH) and Botswana butchery are the two steak houses that I always go to whenever I have friends visiting overseas because they consistently serve exceptional food and some of the best steaks in town. Nothing more embarrassing that taking friends out to try some of our famous NZ steaks and then getting disappointed considering how much I rave about it. So when my friend decided to visit, all the way from Hong Kong, I made a booking at JSH so we could catch up over a luscious dinner. We went on a Tuesday night, thinking it will be quiet but the dining room filled up quickly with the tables outside also being occupied.

No one does a steak tartare quite like JSH and I could never resist ordering this divine dish when I visit. This time was no exception. The tartare made from prime eye fillet is presented with flakes of parmesan, red onion, gherkin, truffle and topped with a fresh egg yolk. This enables you to flavour and garnish as you please, allowing you to tailor to suit your personal preference. My friend’s whitebait fritter served with a large dollop of mayonnaise was a decent sized portion with ample juicy whitebait mixed with perfectly cooked eggs. Moist, soft and lightly seasoned, this fritter is a great way to showcase this seasonal fish.

We both decided to order steaks for our main in order to satisfy our beef cravings. My slow roasted signature prime rib, cooked to medium rare was served alongside a fabulous horseradish sauce. Similar to mustard, it has a light firey kick and was an excellent compliment to the juicy steak. My friend’s SG’s Choice Wagyu sirloin is slightly fattier and just as tender and juicy as the prime rib. We ate our steak with a side of creamed spinach.

JSH’s status as one of the best steak houses in Auckland will forever remain. I have eaten here on numerous occasion throughout the last decade and every time, the food has been amazing and exceptional.

Date: Tuesday 10 December 2013 | Location: 70 Jervois Road, Ponsonby | Food: Steak House