Cafe Watch: An Introduction

Aucklanders are spoilt for choice when it comes to cafes and although I am loyal to a certain few (Frasers, Cafe Melba and Mojo), I make a good attempt to venture out and try something new. I’m a big advocate of cafe culture and there is nothing that I appreciate more than spending a sunny morning, reading the newspaper while I enjoy my brunch and coffee. So I’m introducing a new series called Cafe Watch where I give my two cents on some of the cafes in the City of Sails. I will base my reviews on these five criteria.

1.    Food

The classic eggs benedict, big breakfast and scrambled eggs can be seen in all cafe menus, so it’s nice to see variety and/or something original on the menu. Vegetarian and gluten-free options or the use of free range products is always bonus!

2.    Coffee

How good is their cup of Joe?

3.    Price

Let’s be honest, there are some cafes out there that charges way too much for breakfast and brunch. Most of the time I can live with it, as long as the price reflects the quality and quantity of ingredients but you have to draw a line when they charge over $20 for a regular breakfast or $6 for a flat white.

4.    Location and Parking

I do not rely on public transport (I highly doubt that most of us do) so the location and parking availability is a big factor for me when deciding where to go and try.

5.    Dining Experience

No one likes to wait 30 minutes for their food nor have their coffees delivered much later than their food. They don’t enjoy being forgotten or have to be on the receiving end of poor attitude by the waitstaff. So in my opinion, the overall dining experience is the most crucial criterion out of the five and can set apart the ordinary from the extraordinary.

I hope you will enjoy my new feature and I’m looking forward to trying all the new cafes.