Wellington: Prefab

Opened February this year, Prefab is the new baby of Jeff Kennedy and his partner, Bridget Dunn, the founder of Cafe L’Affare which was sold more than two decades ago.

Despite occupying a space similar to a small warehouse (130-seater), we waited 10-15 minutes before getting a table on a Saturday morning. This joint, popular amongst the trendy and the hip of all ages, is a prime location for people like me who loves to people-watch while catching up over a cup of coffee. We sat at a wooden high table next to glass walls which brings in warm natural light and were left to decide on what to eat while our lovely waitress brought over our Acme coffee (bottomless filter coffee for me, flat white for my sister).


Prefab has a breakfast and lunch menu throughout the week and on Saturdays they offer an all day menu. My choice of Mexican pork jumping beans on toast with chunks of juicy pork and diced red onion and celery is a fancy take on baked beans on toast and had lovely Mexican flavours. My sister’s Berlin brekkie which resembled more like a Spanish cold cuts platter rather than a typical big breakfast was an unexpected but welcoming surprise. The different variation of preserved meats, served with pungent hard cheese, bread and a soft boiled egg was quite a bargain ($16) as you would expect to pay upwards of $25 for something similar at Bellota or other Spanish restaurants.



The place was getting more and more busy as our meals progressed so we decided to leave when we finished our food and coffee rather than hold up the table. Overall, I’m very impressed with Prefab and understand why it has achieved ‘cult status’ even though it is less than one year old. The food is different and delectable, the service is attentive and friendly (despite being extremely busy) and they serve a great cup of joe. They are currently in the process of expanding an area called Prefab Lane which will be an outdoor pedestrian area that links Jessie and Vivian Street; I’m looking forward to seeing and visiting the next time I’m in Wellington.

Date: Saturday 27 July, 2013 | Location: 14 Jessie Street, Wellington | Food: Cafe 


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