Wellington: Matterhorn

A couple of months ago, when I was down in Wellington to help my sister move, I missed out on trying Matterhorn as we were unable to get a table before my flight back up to Auckland. So as soon as I landed during my recent weekend getaway, we headed straight for Cuba Street after my 7pm flight.

 Hidden behind a corridor in the middle of Cuba Street, Matterhorn oozes an intimate and exclusive vibe with dim lighting, a fireplace and tables that are well spaced out. The Matterhorn menu is designed for sharing, with categories like raw, small plates, vegetables and meat and fish. I personally prefer this style of dining as you have the opportunity to try more dishes without having to pick at someone else’s main.

Even though we arrived well after 8pm, we had a 15-20 minute wait at the bar before getting a table. We started our meal with a creamy duck liver parfait which was presented in a neat little glass jar with two slices of toasted brioche. Don’t be fooled by the size of the jar, there was more than enough to share between two. Our attentive waitress brought over more bread so we could devour every last bit of it.


The steak tartare, a combination of finely diced raw wagyu beef, pieces of onion and micro greens came with thin slices of baked potato chips. This was seasoned with horseradish and provided a light kick to the meaty dish. The egg yolk made the mixture moist and combined all the ingredients together, making it easy to spread on top of the crispy potato chips.


The wagyu fat potatoes which were quartered and roasted had a crispy coating which encased the fluffy centre. This was served on top of a creamy buttermilk sauce garnished with crisp sage and almond. The portion was much bigger than expected, leaving no room for dessert.

Matterhorn did not disappoint. If you’re ever in Wellington, be sure to drop by and experience what this incredible place has to offer.

Date: Friday 26 July, 2013 | Location: 106 Cuba Street, Wellington | Food: Fine Dining

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