Cafe Monet

Since the addition of my partner’s puppy, finding a cafe with outdoor seating that is dog friendly is crucial for our weekend lunch, aka coffee fix. Cafe Monet matches all the criteria, the food is good, the attentive service is excellent, free parking (!) and a beautiful courtyard, an ideal venue for a lazy sunny afternoon.

My huge bacon and eggs burger had ample filling including crispy strips of bacon, two perfectly fried eggs and salad served with a side of this amazingly phenomenal tomato chutney which I slathered all over the toasted bun.


Although the food was excellent, I can not say the same regarding my cup of coffee. Served luke warm with too much froth, this was the only let-down in our otherwise excellent meal.

Cafe Monet is a popular spot amongst the locals in Remuera, and is constantly bustling with patrons. With the friendly courteous service and scrumptious food, you can see why. Plus, free parking is always a bonus.

Date: Saturday 29th June 2013 | Location: 55 Remuera Road, Remuera | Food: Cafe


5 thoughts on “Cafe Monet

    • Hi Caroline,

      I agree, especially in cafes around town/New Market. I also love going to Mojo in New Market, they have a nice small outdoor seating. Not to mention they make a great cup of coffee 🙂

      • Sounds like I definitely have to check that out too. I just went to the Takapuna Beach Cafe earlier today – after a long walk on the beach I stopped at the cafe and my dog had a break at the doggie water stations while I got a drink too from the cafe. Such a beautiful winters day for it 🙂

      • Was the Takapuna Beach Cafe very busy? It’s always hard to get a table there! We have yet to take the puppy to the beach, but it’s on our todo list. 🙂

      • Yes it was completely packed. I was intending to sit down and have lunch but ended up having a take-away drink from the ice cream section as I didn’t want to wait. I’m sure your puppy will enjoy it – it’s doggie heaven for ours 🙂

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