Britomart is truly becoming the place to be. Auckand’s newest and hippest shopping and dining haven has recently welcomed Auckland’s first fine dining dessert restaurant – Milse (pronounced Mill-say). This little gem is quietly tucked away in the Pavilion which offers sophisticated sweet treats and coffee during the day, and turns into an a la carte dessert restaurant at night.

Upon entering this tiny eatery, your eyes are instantly treated to a wonderful display of delicate sweet treats with cabinets filled with scrumptious arrangements of gelato on a stick, bombe Alaska and their amazing macarons. As they supply dessert to their neighbour, Ortolana, I’ve already tasted some of their luscious creations before Milse officially opened, so my whole intention for stopping by, is to try their a la carte desserts which has received rave reviews from some of my friends and bloggers online.


This stunning ‘Apple’ dessert consists of a crispy salted caramel mille-feuillantine (creamy salted caramel mousse sandwiched in between layers of flaky thin pastry), green apple sorbet and feijoa gel and it incorporates pieces of fresh green apple and dried apple slices. The combination of salted caramel, apple and feijoa is a match made in heaven. Everything had its own distinct flavour, but most importantly, they worked well together. The sweetness is just right and I enjoyed the variation in texture.


I couldn’t say no to their macarons, so I purchased a box of six to take home. From left to right: salted caramel, macha green tea, Valrhona chocolate, cappuccino, mach green tea (again) and pistachio. All five of the flavours were delish, I particularly liked their matcha green tea with a creamy chocolate filling and the salted caramel. The macarons had a dainty and delicate shell and are some of the best macarons that are currently available in Auckland.


I’m in love. Milse has exceeded my expectation and I can’t wait till they start offering dessert degustation! The place is small and they do not take reservations, so don’t be surprised if you get turned away. However, all their sweet treats are available for takeaway.

Date: Sunday 5th May | Location: The Pavilions, 27 Tyler Street, Britomart | Food: Dessert  


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