Food Truck Garage

For those who watch the popular TVNZ Food Truck series, you would already be familiar with Chef Michael Van de Elzen and his concept of creating healthy alternatives to traditional fast food. In the series, he drives around in a 1970s Bedford truck (aka his kitchen) and attempts to introduce the general public to a more healthy take on local takeaway such as burgers, fish and chips and soda.

His latest venture – The Food Truck Garage – located in City Works Depot, incorporates the same concept and it is now readily available to health conscious Aucklanders that wants to indulge in a quick meal without the guilt. I was looking forward to giving this place a try, so we stopped by for a quick dinner on a Sunday night. Similar to fast food joints, we ordered our food at the counter and found ourselves a table. Despite the fact that the place was packed, our meals were served in under 15 minutes.

The appetising toasted pita crisps served with lentil dip, lemon hummus and drizzled with olive oil was lovely.  It was so good that we started eating before I remembered to take a photo (the same can be said about my partner’s burger). The prawn tacos made up of beans, avocado salsa and grilled prawns plated with a dollop of lime emulsion were rather small in size but the taste was great. But for $10, there should have been more prawns. The chicken burger is composed of a grilled chicken and courgettes patty (which is made up of at least 50% vegetables), lettuce, sprout and lemon hummus, served on a warm toasted spelt bun. It was a decent burger and the different ingredients complimented each other. My favourite part of the dish, is the baked thick-cut chips made from potatoes, swede and beets. Baked rather than deep fried, the flavours of the vegetables are not masked by oil and is a much healthier option.




Because of our healthy choices for dinner, we decided to balance it out with a litre of Hallertau lager ($16!)


I’m quite impressed with the food and service at the Food Truck Garage. The healthier option will be a hit with the health conscious Aucklanders and it’s convenient location with ample parking will only encourage more diners to give this place a try.

I’m going to come back to have a huge serving of chips with my jug of beer and hopefully their menu will update to provide more variety. Fingers crossed they start serving fish and chips and steak and cheese pies!

Date: Sunday 5th May, 2013 | Location: Shed One, City Works Depot, 9 Wellesley Street, Auckland | Food: ‘Fast Food’


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