Botswana Butchery. Revisited

I love having friends and family come visit from overseas as I get to take them to some of my favourite eateries that showcase some of Auckland’s finest food and ingredients! So when my cousin travelled from Amsterdam to Auckland for business, my sister and I took him to one of my favourite places to eat: Botswana Butchery, the best steakhouse in Auckland.  We had dinner on a Friday night and managed to get a table with a view of the wharf. We started our meal with some yummy crab cakes and king prawns (not pictured) and half a dozen of juicy Bluff oysters, something that I insisted he try despite his dislike for oysters. Although he wasn’t a fan, I happily devoured them with a tangy lemon and balsamic vinegar.


With our mains, we all ordered a fat juicy steak from the Butcher’s Block selection. My sister and I ordered the 200 grams Savannah Angus grass fed eye fillet while my cousin ordered the 250 grams Firstlight Wagyu grass fed rump cap. I ate my medium rare steak with a generous side of dijon mustard and we all shared an ice berg lettuce wedge salad with pieces of crispy bacon, dressed with a blue cheese sauce and a side of sautéed forest mushroom. Delicious!


With room left for dessert, I opted for the ‘Garden of Passion’ which was a tangy passionfruit curd served with a layer of strawberry jelly and garnished with strawberries and raspberries. I enjoy ending my meal with something fruity and tart and this hit the spot. The curd had a nice smooth texture and the sweet strawberry jelly countered some of the acidity of the curd. I like the taste of passionfruit but I’m not a fan of the seeds, so I was very glad that this dessert was seedless. It was an excellent way to end our meal.


 My love for Botswana Butchery is not without reason. I’ve been to many steakhouses throughout my dining journey, but it is fair to say that Botswana Butchery has yet to disappointed. With amazing food, exceptional service and fake butchers’ knifes as door handles (!), I would happily come here time and time again!

Date: Friday 19th April, 2013  | Location: Ferry Building, 99 Quay Street, Auckland CBD | Food: New Zealand Cuisine – Steak House


2 thoughts on “Botswana Butchery. Revisited

  1. Sounds great! I haven’t been to Botswana in Auckland or in Queenstown, but I hear the Queenstown one is much better. Good to see that the Auckland one is still good though. I come from a long line of meat eaters, though I’m always hesitant to order steak when I go out. I hate to risk a bad steak when I can make a great steak at home very easily. Do you cook steak at home too?

    • I’m a steak fanatic but I try to add some variety in my choices for mains. I’m not the best cook so I usually don’t risk cooking a nice slab of meat myself as I tend to overcook them! But I really should cook more as it will save me so much money!

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