Molten has been on my Auckland restaurant bucket list for many years, but it was only until recently that I finally gave this place a go. A group of us had dinner here on a Friday night to farewell a friend that was leaving Auckland; and being a group of ten, we sat in the private dining room upstairs and were offered a set menu for an entree, main and dessert for $68.

For entrees, I selected the vegetarian option and opted for the crumbled Clevedon bocconcini cheese with tomatoes that was tossed with chardonnay vinegar and olive oil. The sweet and tangy tomoatoes made up for the fact that the crumbled cheese was slightly bland (which is what as you would expect for bocconcini cheese).


My main was a far cry from the amazing steak at Two Fifteen in my previous entry. I chose the scotch fillet  served with potatoes, a small parsley salad and a large dollop of pepper aioli. Although there is nothing wrong with the flavours and taste, the steak however, was overcooked considering I requested for rare. It was rather tough to chew and I left my steak unfinished. The set menu included salad for the table and the iceberg lettuce with feta, salted cucumber and radish can be summed up with one word, salty. The use of both salted cucumber and feta cheese together in the same salad was too much and I would have much preferred the use of regular cucumber.



I was very thankful that after the disappointing main, my dessert – Valrhona chocolate mousse served with a side of ice cream and crushed hazelnut – ended the meal on a happy note. Despite the chocolate being indulgently rich, the ice cream balanced the flavours and the roasted hazelnuts was a nice touch.


I have to admit, I’m overall disappointed with the meal and this is mostly because I had high expectations of Molten. The review on Viva and online have spoken highly of Molten, and I expected a fantastic meal. However, I will come back again, and hopefully, the chef was just having a bad day.

Date: Friday 22nd February 2013 | Location: 422 Mount Eden Road, Mt Eden | Food: European Bistro


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