Dellows Kitchen

Being in the mood for eggs, I spent my second Saturday (since coming back from HK) devouring a delicious brunch at Dellows Kitchen where I fulfilled my egg cravings with a salmon eggs benedict. Having been awarded as one of the Metro Magazine Top 50 Cafes in 2010 and 2011, Dellows Kitchen has a great reputation for producing fantastic dishes with organic and free range ingredients. They even smoke their own salmon!

My salmon eggs benedict was served with soft toasted brioche, beautifully smoked salmon, wilted spinach and a hearty amount of rich creamy Hollandaise sauce. The runny eggs mixed with the buttery sauce and salmon was utterly divine. The toasted brioche was light and rich, most importantly, it was easy to cut. I dread having to hack away, trying to tear the usual English muffins into bite size pieces without making a mess.


Very impressed with Dellows Kitchen which is not surprising as you expect a certain standard for a cafe on Jervois Road. They’re open every day till 4pm (3pm on Sundays) and they also sell gourmet frozen meal which you can eat at the comfort of your own home.

Date: Saturday 2nd February 2013 | Location: 212 Jervois Road, Herne Bay | Food: Cafe


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