Mojo CGR

Apologies for the lack of activity in this blog, but I recently spent a month in Hong Kong where I wined and dined while I spent some much-needed time with my beloved friends (you can see some of the amazing food here and here). Hong Kong is a hub of amazing and cheap food and I was able to overindulged in some of the finest Asian cuisine at an affordable price. However, after spending a month away from home, I came back craving two things – steak and eggs. In no way am I implying that you can’t find any place that serves steak or eggs, but the quality of these two components is just not the same. The eggs in Hong Kong lack the distinctive strong eggy taste and the colour of the yolk is more yellow rather than the beautiful golden orange that you can find in New Zealand.

 So I made the most of Auckland Anniversary, and I satisfied my egg cravings with an all day breakfast at Mojo CGR. This charming little cafe, located on Carlton Gore Road, is less than a year old and it is already featured in Metro Magazine’s Top 50 Cafes in 2012! It is also one of twenty-two Mojo cafes scattered throughout Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin.
 I ordered their poached eggs on toast with a side of house-smoked fish. The preparation of the eggs was exactly what I was after. The egg was perfectly cooked and the delicious and runny yolk spread all over the toast when ruptured. The fish had a firm and flaky texture and a strong smoky taste, an ideal combination of flavours when dipped in the runny yolk!

I finished my meal off with a strong caffè macchiato and bottomless carbonated water which was served free of charge.
I have to say, I’m very impressed with Mojo. The service was efficient and friendly, the food was fabulous and the atmosphere was calm and relaxing. It’s a great little place to brunch/lunch with friends, have a cup of coffee and get a dose of vitamin D while relaxing at their outdoor seating area! Plus, if you really enjoy their coffee, their signature house blend of coffee beans is available for purchase.

 Date: Monday 28th January 2013 | Location: 110 Carlton Gore Road, New Market | Food: Cafe


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