Fisher House – Revisited

The last time I was at Fisher House, my friends and I celebrated my 26th birthday. This time round, I came back for lunch with my family so we could celebrate my sister’s 23rd birthday. The restaurant was relatively quiet for a Saturday afternoon, so we basically had the dining room to ourselves. We started our meal with garlic butter whipped baguette and an amazing chicken liver parfait served with relish and toasted sourdough.


The options they offer for lunch is similar to the menu for dinner with some identical dishes such as the grilled eye fillet and the cranberry glazed pork cutlet. I opted for the fish of the day which was a grilled flounder served with a side of duck fat potato chips and a Greek salad. The fish was flaky, delicate and cooked to perfection. Flounders are not excessively boney, so it was easy to eat. The beer battered fish and chips was light and crispy and this was accompanied with a side of garden salad and homemade tartare sauce.



My other family members ordered different dishes from the menu, but I did not get to fully taste them. They did however, really enjoyed their meals so we were all very pleased with our lunch outing! This meal was more impressive compared to my dinner at Fisher House in October and I’m glad that I gave this place a second chance.

Date: Saturday 1st December, 2012 | Location: 117 Kerwyn Avenue, Highbrook | Food: Bar and Bistro


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